Welcome to

Highlands at Rancho Grande HOA

The Highlands At Rancho Grande Homeowners Association (HOA) welcomes you and your family into the neighborhood. The goal of the HOA is two-fold:

We are here to help new homeowners get settled and assist in planning changes and upgrades to their home and landscape.

Second; we maintain the communal properties, such as open space and access roads, and ensure the provisions and guidelines as defined in the CC&R’s are followed throughout the neighborhood. HOA business is conducted on a monthly basis by our property manager as overseen by the Board, which meets at quarterly HOA Membership meetings. 

At the Board meeting, general business such as financial reviews are done, as well as receiving feedback of the various homeowners and helping resolve issues that may arise. We encourage homeowners to attend the quarterly meetings, as it is the best opportunity to keep informed on the projects and actions of the board, as well as provide suggestions and feedback on current issues. Board elections are held on an annual basis and each Board member serves for a two-year term. The terms are staggered, so that the entire Board does not go in/out within the same year.

In addition to Board meetings, the Design Committee manages design submittals for landscape and structural improvements of homes in the neighborhood. The purpose of the Design Committee is to evaluate the design proposals and provide guidance and help maintain the standards established by the CC&R’s. The purpose of the CC&R’s is to maintain external appearances and activities that enhance the long-term quality of the neighborhood. We look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood, and please feel free to contact the Board on our contact page with any questions or concerns you may have.


The Highlands Board of Directors