Design Guidelines

Design Committee

The Design Committee reviews all design submittals for landscape and structural improvements of homes in the neighborhood. The purpose of the Design Committee is to evaluate the design proposals and provide guidance and help maintain the standards established by the CC&R’s and the Design Guidelines. The purpose of the CC&R’s and Design Guidelines is to maintain external appearances and activities that enhance the long-term quality of the neighborhood.

The Design Committee meets as necessary and reviews design submittals as they are received.  They forward their findings to our property manager who will provide a written response as determined by the Design Committee.  The Design Committee member may contact you to obtain additional information during the process.

Landscaping Design Submittals

In order to assist you in preparing for a landscape design submittal, the Design Committee asks you to consider the following:

  • All homeowners must submit a landscape plan to the Design Committee prior to installation.
  • All plans must follow the guidelines and requirements of the Design Manual, which was developed in compliance with the City of Arroyo Grande’s requirements.
  • All landscape plans are submitted directly to the Property Management Company; not to the Design Committee.
  • The fee for the initial plan is $35. This covers the original submittal plus up to three revisions. Subsequent plans require a $15 fee.
  • For help, please refer to the Guidelines for Submitting a Landscaping Plan to the Design Committee.
  • Make sure you review your plans with your neighbors and complete a Design Review Neighbor Notice.
  • Please feel free to contact the members of the Design Committee for help.
  • Note: After all approved landscaping is installed, the homeowner is required to file a Notice of Completion with the HOA (Design Manual Form F). Send this form directly to the Property Management Company. This form completes the improvement process and establishes a record that you are CC&R compliant.
  • Design Committee decisions can be appealed to the Board. Variances may be granted if the Board, by a majority vote, determines that the request is in substantial compliance with the HOA-approved Appeal of Design Committee Ruling.

Design Suggestions

  • Work with your neighbor to design fencing on the common property line. The fencing limits apply equally to both lots. Privacy fencing is limited to 65 feet on the side yard.
  • Fencing is not allowed to be installed across the front yards, parallel with the street.
  • Privacy fencing in the front set back is not allowed.
  • Metal and/or vinyl fencing materials are not allowed.
  • No block walls are allowed.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors’ primary view corridor when planting new landscape and/or placing new structures. Please work with your neighbors on this.
  • Brightly colored play structures are prohibited when visible from the street. Consider the views and privacy of your neighbors when locating a play structure.
  • Metal & Plastic are prohibited as primary materials for Landscape Structures, including storage & tool sheds, unless they are not visible from the street.
  • Lattice is not allowed as part of a fence; it can only be used as a vertical trellis that supports climbing vines. All lattice must be framed on four sides.
  • Use earth tone colors or those matching your home.
  • Lawns are limited to total of 1200 square feet of drought-tolerant fescue. ‘Total’ means you add up all the lawns on your property; that’s the total, and it can’t exceed 1200 sqft.